YIEC is a Nepal Government-registered company and is fully trained and authorized by Ministry of Education to operate. A pioneer in edu-consulting pasture in Nepal, York represents an enviable number of TOP-RANKING and globally acclaimed Universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

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Because you are a unique person who aims to achieve in a helpful higher education career, York will always go the extra miles to ensure you receive the best educational advice possible. Moreover, we challenge ourselves to work harder every other day to serve you better. We aim at giving you absolute satisfaction because the only real source of our happiness is the success and prosperity you achieve.

We believe in quality, and we promise reliability. Student satisfaction is the foundation upon which YORK International Educational Consultancy (P) Ltd continues to develop and flourish. We will always strive to achieve excellence in each area of service since – we are an organisation of committed professionals.

Chance always favours the prepared mind. If you do not take the initiative, you cannot experience change. Studying overseas is not still as challenging and costly as you might assume. There are ways that you can follow to overcome any problems you might have. Explore, work, and rise. You have York, a reliable friend by your side along the way.

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Why Choose YIEC

International Education Counseling

YIEC is a trusted name in the spectrum of International Education Counseling in Nepal and overseas.

Nepal Government-registered company

YIEC is a Nepal Government-registered company authorised by the Ministry of Education.

Pioneer in the Edu-Consulting Sector

YIEC is a pioneer in the edu-consulting sector of Nepal and represents TOP-RANKING and globally acclaimed Universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

YIEC has been a member of ECAN since 2005.

We comprise an enthusiastic team of accomplished professionals who are not just highly qualified, trained and experienced, but also communicate with an extensive network of dedicated individuals from all walks of life. We are proud of our public relations, which we proudly acknowledge still contributes to our success over the years.